The Journey

Some of you may know, my favorite book of all time is The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. If you haven’t read it, you must. I will let you borrow it.

It is a coming of age journey of a young gymnast, and near the end of his training, he has a moment of realization – that it’s not getting to the Olympics, winning medals, or all the accolades that matter. It is the preparation, the daily training, the conquering of fears, the time with friends, the sweat, and the commitment to working in progress that was most rewarding.

It is an important message because it is that time of year…pwgym

The CrossFit Games Open! 15.1 is this week! Just thinking about it makes me nervous (be right back, just went to the bathroom). But coming up on our 4th year competing together as a box, I am seeing the importance of the journey.


I think about how much fun we’ve had training and it’s amazing to see how much everyone has progressed to this point. So many people have been getting those muscle-ups this year, PR’s all over the place in every lift and benchmark WOD, and countless moments when you see someone dig in to finish a nasty metcon. It’s all of those moments that make this time of year great.

So sit back for a second and take some time to smile about the progress you’ve made this year. Understand that being able to do The Open is a blessing, and in the big picture, it’s really just part of your journey for next year.

Don’t forget to register and let’s get after it!

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