Seriously, why CrossFit?

4 years ago, we were blessed enough to open CrossFit Vibe. Since then, I have learned so much about coaching, training, business, and a little too much about dry-wall. All that, I guess I could have predicted. There has been something I couldn't have predicted, and that was opportunity to change not just the physical, but the mental DNA of people, and that combo has been unbelievably rewarding.

Let me explain the physical first.

If you've been around me for more than a minute talking about CrossFit you have heard me explain why I know nothing beats it if you want to truly get fitter. You can do yoga, you can do bootcamps, you can do your own thing at the gym, you can be a runner or biker, but if you go test your fitness with CrossFit, you will get humbled. It is the top of the fitness food-chain. On the other hand, if you CrossFit, you look forward to yoga, lifting, biking, rowing, swimming, because you have built up a capacity to handle work. Period. We program to increase your ability to do work and learn how to move. That is getting fitter. CrossFit is everything under the fitness umbrella that get's you fitter. So how can you match that? If you would like to argue this point, class is tomorrow morning, let's go!

Now the part that I didn't see coming. The mental strength and capacity that is built when training CrossFit. I can best explain this by a private client I worked with before we opened Vibe (I won't name names). She despised pull-ups (even though I assisted), and wouldn't dare move a dumbbell more than 12 lbs. "I will get bulky" or "20 lbs! I can't pick that up!". So unless I could use a Jedi mind trick to work around that, we would sit around and rep out body parts to work. It wasn't about moving weights properly and using intensity to get results. It was going thru the motions. I was doing the best job I knew how, until I really understood what it meant to get fit, and could pass it along.

Let me tell you about that client and now member. She crushes workouts. She might still get that inkling of doubt in her head, but it doesn't stop her from attacking it. She knows she's getting fitter and would destroy her old self in any type of fitness endeavor. And a 20 lb weight. I don't think she would even know what to do with it. Paperweight for her office maybe?

Her mentality has changed. You can see her confidence in class. And I know it has trickled into her life as well. If you have ever done the CrossFit WODs "Fran" or my new favorite "Glen" (hehe), you know what it's like to deal with your mind telling you a bunch of times you can't do something and keep pushing on. Just like your physical capacity goes up, your mental capacity does as well. And from my perspective as a coach, I look for those moments, and I look forward to helping you grow from them. And even cooler, is that you all do the same for me.

So that is why CrossFit. Because it doesn't just make you fitter, it makes you better.

- Coach Jeff

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