Scalling and hitting YOUR time domains

There is always a lot of talk around the gym prior to a workout that might sound something like “Hey… you gonna RX this one”? Instantly some people take that as a challenge and dive into a workout with a movement or a weight that simply is just too much for them RIGHT NOW.

We all have goals in CrossFit and our mentality is to strive for those goals. The best way to approach that goal is by taking baby steps and progressively getting stronger. One day at a time, one workout at a time, one rep at a time.


When you look up at the board and there is a person who finishes the WOD in 12 minutes, then you look down a few slots and someone has a time of 24 minutes. One of the two people is not getting the right stimulus. When a workout is created there is a purpose for that workout. In CrossFit we try not be the master of anything, but be good at everything. Go long, go short, go heavy, go light, go medium. There are certain time domains that you are supposed to hit right around in each workout. By hitting that time domain you will benefit from the correct stimulus of which the workout was designed.

I’m going to refer to Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell’s conjugate method. Which is to use speed, efficiency, and proper form in your movement to develop strength. When you are moving through the workout and really moving that bar with proper form and technique, you are going to benefit much more than doing a rep, staring at the bar for 10-15 seconds, doing another one, staring, and so on.

So next time you are setting up for your WOD, choosing your weight, and setting up your station, think about how long the workout SHOULD take, and go from there. Getting a great workout with minimal rest time where you are able to keep moving will benefit you’re fitness much more than sacrificing proper technique and speed just for that RX next to your name on the board.

- P.J. Raia

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