Scaling the Pistol

The “Pistol” Squat or “Single Leg Squat” is a movement we see pretty frequently in Crossfit. It’s a great exercise to help build overall strength in the leg as well as work out strength deficiencies between the two legs, similar to a high box step up, or a lunge. A lot of times you will notice some people may not be symmetrical as far as strength levels from right to left. The Pistol is a good exercise to help work out these imbalances. When doing them “For Time” in a crossfit WOD, they are known to provide a great cardiovascular response as well! Picture 18

With all that being said, they are definitely not easy and not everyone has them down! Here is a great progression to help you get there. You can play with the height of which you set the band on the rig as well as swapping out different sizes of bands. For example, start with the thick green band and work your way down to the blue band. This will provide different levels of resistance. Have fun and good luck!

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