One Brick At A Time

Trust the process.

This is something I have said hundreds of times as a coach, but recently I thought to myself, “what IS The Process?” In my attempt to dig deeper into what that means, I found this clip about Will Smith:

Will Smith recalls a life experience providing a great example of how you can succeed at the impossible if you just work on one brick at a time. Marketing Blog: Follow me on Twitter: Facebook:

I love this. You don’t try to build a wall in one day. A lot of times as athletes we try to get results too fast and push above our limits too often. We think that if we lift more, train more, sweat more, we get more, but this way of training can yield diminishing returns.

Don’t get me wrong, getting uncomfortable is important for growth and results, but it needs to be understood that establishing a strong foundation and impeccable fundamentals is paramount to pushing your limits. Coaching at CrossFit Vibe, I see it daily. We are taking weight off someone’s bar 99% of the time, not adding it. Let me throw out some examples of what to focus on and have perspective of when training:

The squat. If you can’t properly air squat, you should keep minimal weight on your barbell until you have trained the fundamental movement of squatting low enough while maintaining posture. And we all know how this is magnified with the overhead squat! Work on sitting low, work on your mobility, and make every air squat in warm up your best squat ever.

The muscle-up. If you don’t have the ability to hold a dip position and press out yet, you shouldn’t be flying high hoping divine intervention gets you the perfect kip and sudden super strength. Work on those dips and keep getting stronger. Practice jumping into that catch and sticking your transitions, once that is locked in, you will get that muscle-up with ease.

The clean. Learn to get those elbows around and receive it properly on the shoulders. It definitely means going lighter until you can do it, but once you learn proper technique, the weight will start going on the bar fast.

So here is what I figured out – The process isn’t a big thing, it is one small thing, done with precision and awareness, over and over. More is ok, just not how it is usually perceived. We don’t need more weight, or more met-cons, we need more mastery of fundamentals. Just like the Fresh Prince advises, we need to lay each brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.

So when we review snatch progressions again, and again, and again, this is why. We are here to be masters. I posted a quote on Facebook a few weeks back – “Life isn’t about Finding Yourself, life is about CREATING Yourself.” As you work to master the little things in your training, that will be absorbed into your work and personal life, creating and manifesting a life that is as strong (and as bad ass) as the strongest wall, because you took the time to place each stone exactly where it needed to go.

Happy building,

Coach Jeff.

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