Max Lifts

For the next 2 weeks of programming:

It is time to reset our max lifts. As always, the best way to find your max is to build up to a heavy one, and it is best practice to "save" one lift. You should try to never fail a lift. Even the best power lifters will only fail in a competition, when you go all out, but that is not the point of our training.

The coaches will be watching your form. Any sign of a lift looking strange is a sign that you are maxed out. Just because it goes up, doesn't mean you should lift again. For example, if front squatting and your back rounds, or your knees collapse, but it went up easy, then you should stop there. A weakness was exposed and it is best to clean it up. A max lift should be a clean and pretty lift. Train with this in mind, always.

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