Get over yourself!

This is a post for all of you hesitant about starting a CrossFit based program, or have been only coming a few times a month. But a good reminder for all!


Any of these sound like you?Crossfit_Weights

I’m not strong.
I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit.
I don’t want to hold the class back.
I don’t want to get bulky.
I don’t think I can keep up with everyone.

GET OVER YOURSELF! I mean that nicely. I would like everyone to stop and understand that everyone else is also thinking of himself or herself. Everyone has these thoughts. Yes, we train as a group, but everyone is in their own head and space and is not looking at you. It is human nature.

It only takes a few times in class to realize that we are trying to make you fitter relative to your current abilities. Yes, you will get exposed and humbled. But WE ALL DO. That is the point of it all. Expose your weaknesses and work on them.

By doing that, you will get better, stronger, and fitter. Physically and mentally. And I promise you will get in shape faster than you could on your own.

And while I am writing, let me address to the ladies about getting bulky. If you are training for the CrossFit Games, multiple times a day, and eating like a house, you might then get bulky. Bulk is built with volume. We are not about volume. Sure, we might do 100 Air Squats in a WOD here or there, but for the most part our repetitions are low, especially our strength programming. Usually staying below 5 reps per set. We teach how to move, be strong, be powerful, and feel connected. Show me a girl who can deadlift 2x her body weight and hit 5 strict pull-ups and I will show you the body you want.

Start to train and eat for performance. Change how you think about training. I want you to look at 100 lbs as light. Start thinking “how can I be more efficient”, “what is the least amount I need to do to get fit.” Come train with us 4-5 times per week (that is 4-5 hours only!) and you will see what I mean. That is, if you can get over yourself and get in.

Get after it!

Coach Jeff

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