Athlete Spotlight: Dr Rob

The man. The myth. The legend. At age 60, Dr. Rob is showing us all how it’s done.


The man we all know as Dr. Rob first came into CrossFit Vibe in June of 2013. He came with a history of athletics. He swam and played baseball and football as a kid, then in high school switched things up and was named Athlete of the Year for being Captain and #1 player on the tennis team, and Captain and MVP on the waterpolo team.

Before coming over to CrossFit Vibe, he was at SWAT Fitness in Tucson for 5 years (a gym that won “best gym in Tucson” for 5 consecutive years) using CrossFit-like methods – particularly a lot of kettlebell work, which served as a great foundation for his involvement at CrossFit Vibe.

Right away you could see he was strong and focused, but was tight in his hips and shoulders (like us all!). He had the motor to go, and I think a lot of athletes were surprisingly pushed when partnered with him on Saturday team WODs.

CrossFit has a funny way of showing what people have inside, and you could tell that he had the fight when he couldn’t get double-unders, or his elbow around on cleans, that he was determined to work on them. Always picking on extra stuff after class. He knew it was the little skills that would allow him to use his conditioning to his advantage. No doubt traits that he uses as a psychiatrist and addiction specialist who serves as the Medical Director of the Amen Clinics, which provides cutting edge psychiatric assessment and treatment, incorporating functional brain imaging, in clinics in Washington DC, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, and OC.

All of his time and effort has now accumulated to his current performance in this years CrossFit Open. After 4 workouts, Dr. Rob sits in 3rd place in SoCal for his age group (60+), and 57th worldwide. The top 200 make the Masters Qualifier, which is 4 workouts that must be completed in 4 days from April 17th to April 21st. The top 20 out of that receive an invitation to The CrossFit Games in Carson, CA!

Pretty impressive stuff when you take a step back and look at it. Age 60. Awesome. Oh by the way. He got his first ring muscle-up two weeks before the open and nailed them in the 15.3! Amazing.

And oh by the way again, he is a Special Olympic swim coach, where he says he has learned a lot about the heart and spirit of competition:

“In Special Olympic swim meets, every heat is a final… and while there is some attempt to place swimmers in heats with others of equivalent skills or times, what medal you earn is largely dependent on who happens to be in your heat! So your serenity, your sense of self, and even your assessment of your performance can’t be based on the medal you earn, it’s got to be based on the focus, effort, and passion you put into the process. I learned playing sports that there is always another level… there is always someone out there better than you… so in the end it’s got to be more about the discipline, skill building, relationships , and the joy of competition than where you ultimately end up on the leaderboard. Although it’s certainly fun to win (insert wink).”

Well said. A few times after cheering me in the open, Rob has told me “inspiring stuff, man.” It is you who is inspiring us, man. One more Open workout to go. We are all cheering for you!

-Coach Jeff

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