For the next 2 weeks of programming:

It is time to reset our max lifts. As always, the best way to find your max is to build up to a heavy one, and it is best practice to "save" one lift. You should try to never fail a lift. Even the best power lifters will only fail in a competition, when you go all out, but that is not the point of our training.

The coaches will be watching your form. Any sign of a lift looking strange is a sign that you are maxed out. Just because it goes up, doesn't mean you should lift again. For example, if front squatting and your back rounds, or your knees collapse, but it went up easy, then you should stop there. A weakness was exposed and it is best to clean it up. A...

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"No pain, no gain!"

We've all heard someone yelling this at us at one point in our training lives, right? Honestly, I've never liked this aggressive style of training. Understandably necessary at times, but when I find myself getting frustrated, I find myself doing it. It stems from a lack of patience and wisdom from my part and I hide that by taking on this mentality. But I will say this, I usually catch it, make it a point to touch people on a deeper level that day, and really coach. That means talking to athletes about their movement, and being with them while they battle through the end of a workout giving them positive thoughts to break it down. Know when to push and when to listen. That...

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4 years ago, we were blessed enough to open CrossFit Vibe. Since then, I have learned so much about coaching, training, business, and a little too much about dry-wall. All that, I guess I could have predicted. There has been something I couldn't have predicted, and that was opportunity to change not just the physical, but the mental DNA of people, and that combo has been unbelievably rewarding.

Let me explain the physical first.

If you've been around me for more than a minute talking about CrossFit you have heard me explain why I know nothing beats it if you want to truly get fitter. You can do yoga, you can do bootcamps, you can do your own thing at the gym, you can be a runner or biker, but ...

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Trust the process.

This is something I have said hundreds of times as a coach, but recently I thought to myself, “what IS The Process?” In my attempt to dig deeper into what that means, I found this clip about Will Smith:

Will Smith recalls a life experience providing a great example of how you can succeed at the impossible if you just work on one brick at a time. Marketing Blog: Follow me on Twitter: Facebook:

I love this. You don’t try to build a wall in one day. A lot of times as athletes we try to get results too fast and push above our limits too often. We think that if we lift more, t...

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The man. The myth. The legend. At age 60, Dr. Rob is showing us all how it’s done.


The man we all know as Dr. Rob first came into CrossFit Vibe in June of 2013. He came with a history of athletics. He swam and played baseball and football as a kid, then in high school switched things up and was named Athlete of the Year for being Captain and #1 player on the tennis team, and Captain and MVP on the waterpolo team.

Before coming over to CrossFit Vibe, he was at SWAT Fitness in Tucson for 5 years (a gym that won “best gym in Tucson” for 5 consecutive years) using CrossFit-like methods – particularly a lot of kettlebell work, which served as a great foundat...

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This is a post for all of you hesitant about starting a CrossFit based program, or have been only coming a few times a month. But a good reminder for all!


Any of these sound like you?Crossfit_Weights

I’m not strong.
I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit.
I don’t want to hold the class back.
I don’t want to get bulky.
I don’t think I can keep up with everyone.

GET OVER YOURSELF! I mean that nicely. I would like everyone to stop and understand that everyone else is also thinking of himself or herself. Everyone has these thoughts. Yes, we train as a group, but everyone is in their own head and space and is not looking at you. It is human nature.

It only takes a few time...

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Some of you may know, my favorite book of all time is The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. If you haven’t read it, you must. I will let you borrow it.

It is a coming of age journey of a young gymnast, and near the end of his training, he has a moment of realization – that it’s not getting to the Olympics, winning medals, or all the accolades that matter. It is the preparation, the daily training, the conquering of fears, the time with friends, the sweat, and the commitment to working in progress that was most rewarding.

It is an important message because it is that time of year…pwgym

The CrossFit Games Open! 15.1 is this week! Just thinking about it makes me ...

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The “Pistol” Squat or “Single Leg Squat” is a movement we see pretty frequently in Crossfit. It’s a great exercise to help build overall strength in the leg as well as work out strength deficiencies between the two legs, similar to a high box step up, or a lunge. A lot of times you will notice some people may not be symmetrical as far as strength levels from right to left. The Pistol is a good exercise to help work out these imbalances. When doing them “For Time” in a crossfit WOD, they are known to provide a great cardiovascular response as well! Picture 18

With all that being said, they are definitely not easy and not everyone has them down! Here is...

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We, as Crossfitters, are all familiar with that amazing feeling after a really tough workout where you just lay on your back thinking “Yes! I just went there. I just put myself there in that place.” After that brief recovery stage, however, typically most people just get up and get on with their day. We all warm up before workouts because going into a workout cold sucks! But how many of us really take the time to recover properly. Today, we want to talk about Cooling Down.

When you expend crazy amounts of energy, putting stress on your muscles, and maxing out your heart rate like you would in a typical Crossfit workout, you need to allow your body time to Cool Down. What kind of s...

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There is always a lot of talk around the gym prior to a workout that might sound something like “Hey… you gonna RX this one”? Instantly some people take that as a challenge and dive into a workout with a movement or a weight that simply is just too much for them RIGHT NOW.

We all have goals in CrossFit and our mentality is to strive for those goals. The best way to approach that goal is by taking baby steps and progressively getting stronger. One day at a time, one workout at a time, one rep at a time.


When you look up at the board and there is a person who finishes the WOD in 12 minutes, then you look down a few slots and someone has a time of 24 minutes. One of the two peo...

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