Workout of the Day

WOD Wednesday 4.27.16

15 minutes of Handstand Push-up progressions/review:
- Setup for handstand - tripod positioning (aka Frog Holds we worked on with head on the floor. Have wall close to not fall over).
- Press legs up from handstand setup - Tripod to headstand hold (press feet up onto wall).
- Understanding the kip - Tripod kip out to plank (wall close again!) and/or out to wall (spotter!) (
- Finally, try true kipping HSPU.

2 Rounds, For Time:
25 Box Jump (24/20),
20 Push Press (95/65),
15 Power Clean (95/65),
10 Handstand Push-up (today sub 5 wall walks),
600m Run (other side of Lear St.).

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