Workout of the Day

WOD Tuesday 12/27/16

5 Rounds of 5 Way Barbell Complex. Increase weight each round:
1 Round = 2x thru the following without dropping the bar:

5 Deadlift, then
5 Bent-over-row, then
5 Hang Clean, then
5 Front Squat, then
5 Push Press.

*Compare to 8.15.16

5x5 Ring Dips @ 311 Tempo. Complete the dips with a 3 count negative into a deep dip position, drive out from the bottom with force, lock out and flash out (externally rotate) at the top for a count. Scale to :15 sec ring support holds, or 5x5 with the just the negatives if driving out of the dip is difficult.

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