Workout of the Day

WOD Saturday 2.13.16

"Sweat With Your Sweethearts" WOD

In Teams of 2, your date will go a little something like this (for time)...

6 Rounds:
6 Pull-ups (Rx+= Synchronized with your partner, Rx=Alt each round),
6 Synchronized Burpees.

1 Round (partition reps any way you want):
60 Thrusters (Rx+=85, Rx=75, Rx-1=65, Rx-2=55),
60 Deadlifts,
60 Hang Power Clean,
60 Front Squat.

6 Rounds:
6 Hand-Release Push-ups + High Five,
12 Sit-ups (Rx+=Synchronized, Rx= Alt each round).

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