Workout of the Day

WOD Saturday 12/3/16

Team WOD.

This was the first team WOD we did at CrossFit Vibe 5 years ago! A few of you might recognize it! I expect these old times to get CRUSHED!

And reminder we have class at 9am and 10am, then our 5 year anniversary cook-out at 11am. See y'all tomorrow!

In teams of 2, complete:
8x200m Run Relay (4 each),
200 Double-unders (400 singles),
8x250m Row Relay (4 each),
200 Doulbe-unders,
8x200m Run Relay (4 each).


Crossfit Vibe

2925 Airway Ave, Unit B

Costa Mesa, CA, 92626


Phone: 949-236-6443