Workout of the Day

WOD Monday 7/17/17

a. 5x3 False Grip Ring Pull-ups @ 3-2-1 Tempo. Set up false grip, free hang, flash at the bottom, pull so thumbs touch chest, hold for 2 count, negative for 3 count. Scale to 5x3 chin-ups on bar with same tempo. Use band to assist tempo work, or ok to scale to 1-2 reps. Will work to get 5 sets of 3 in a row.

b. 5x5 Ring Dips @ 311 Tempo. Complete the dips with a 3 count negative into a deep dip position, drive out from the bottom with force, lock out and flash out (externally rotate) at the top for a count. Scale with bands or 5x5 with the just the negatives if driving out of the dip is difficult.

Warm-up with Back Squat 1x5@40%, 1x5@50%,
4 Rounds:
Back Squat 12-15@60%,
5 Wall Walks,
200m Farmer Carry (DB's or KB's AHAP),
20 Alternating Front Kick-thru's (Animal Flow style).

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