Workout of the Day

MOVEMENT Class - Sunday 9/3/17

MOVEMENT Class - Sunday 9.3.17

a. 4 Min tennis ball wall boxing drill.
b. Animal Flow / Movement.
- Wrist Mobilization.
- Beast Position Holds.
- Crab Position Holds.
c. Floor L-sits (2x:30 sec with feet on ground, 4x:15 sec with one foot on ground).
d. Spinal waves - 5 minutes of practice.
e. Wall facing handstand holds 4x :20 sec.
f. Explosive Slam Ball Toss (20x, outside).

g. 4 Rounds (20 Min Cap):
5 Sit-up-to-standing-to-kneel-to-roll.
2 Skin-the-cat (rings),
7 Strict Handstand Negatives,
20 GHD Sit-ups.

h. EMOM 10: 1 Full ring muscle-up negative.

i. 20 min cartwheel and/or handstand walking practice.
j. Finish with 2xmax bar hangs (90 sec cap).

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