Workout of the Day

MOVEMENT Class - Sunday 8/27/17

a. Tennis ball wall boxing drill (will break down technique and work on progressions).
b. Wrist prep / ankle prep.
c. 5 Min kick-up w/ both feet to handstand practice.
d. Floor L-sits (2x:30 sec with feet on ground, 4x:15 sec with one foot on ground).

e. EMOM16:
Minute 1: 8 DB squat cleans (35's/20's).
Minute 2: 12 parallette push-ups.
Minute 3: 2x 3-way toes-to-bar + rest.
Minute 4: :15 sec set-up + :30 sec bridge hold (feet elevated) + :15 sec rest.

f. EMOM12 (Teams of 3 for max cal):
Minute 1: :50 sec ice-skaters with tennis ball toss to partner.
Minute 2: Max calorie bike.
Minute 3: Ball toss to partner (above).

g. Weighted Planks 3x :60 sec holds (45/25).

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