Workout of the Day

MOVEMENT Class - Sunday 7/9/17

Movement Class - 7.9.17

a. Obstacle course warm-up (combo of animal flow, parkour, and agility drills).

b. Breathe Squats. Complete 1 set of 20 reps of Back Squat @40% of 1RM, performing 1 squat every 3rd breathe. This will be the last week. Add on weight if you have been continuing to each week!

c. 5 Minute Max Cal Bike (red/grey bike). Goal (200/150 Cal).

d. 6 Rounds:
16 Feet Elevated Push-ups with 4 ct Negative,
8 Pull-ups with 4 ct Negative,
4 Dips with 4 ct Negative,
8 Hanging Knee-raises with 4 ct Negative.

e. Accumulate 10 Prowler Pushes (90/45). 1 = length of gym and back.

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