Workout of the Day

MOVEMENT Class - Sunday 6/11/17

5 Rounds:
2 x Cone Drill,
10 x Box Side Jump Over (use one arm),
10 x Hanging Side Taps (alt arm).

5 Rounds:
10 Alternating Front Kick Through,
10 Alternating Lizard Crawl + Push-up,
1 Leg-less Rope Climb (from seated position, with L-sit preferred).

3 Rounds:
40 Bench Press (45/35, unbroken, max 2-ct at top to rest),
30 One Arm Rows (Left, unbroken, ahap),
30 One Arm Rows (Right, unbroken, ahap),
Max Hollow Position Hold (cap :60 sec, must hold positioning).

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