Workout of the Day

MOVEMENT Class - 5/28/17

Movement Class - 5.28.17

a. Animal Flow Warm-up (Beast Position Holds, Ape Crawls).

b. Breathe Squats. Complete 1 set of 20 reps of Back Squat @40% of 1RM, performing 1 squat every 3rd breathe. We will review.

c. EMOM 10:
1 Strict Ring Muscle-up with Negative return (sub jumping/dip/negative).

d. Wall facing handstand and hand positioning for handstands review.

e. 2 Rounds:
10 reps of :10 second pancake good-morning stretches with 15# bar,
:45 sec wall facing handstand.

f. 4 Rounds:
15 Double KB Step-up,
50 Ice Skaters (as far as possible),
:60 sec Bar Hang,
50 Single Leg Jumps (Left),
:60 sec Single Leg Balance (Left),
50 Single Leg Jumps (Right),
:60 sec Single Leg Balance (Right).

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